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09.00  Coffee and registration

09.30  Welcome address Kristy Beers Fägersten, Södertörn University

09.45  The historical shift in the pragmatics of insults  Erik Falk, Uppsala University

10.15  More than before? Swearing on the Danish debate forum Nationen in 2012 and 2017  Marianne Rathje, The Danish Language Council

10.45  Dictionary of Norwegian cursing: Norsk banneordbok  Ruth Vatvedt Fjeld, Oslo University

11.15  Coffee break

11.30  People who swear are hotter, more confident and less stressed than others? Discourses of swearing in tabloid media Minna Hjort, University of Helsinki

12.00  The effect of swearwords in subtitled and dubbed films  Eva Eppler & Lucia Briechle, Roehampton University

12.30  Lunch break

13.30  Swearing and perceptions of the speaker: Online responses to celebrity swearing  Karyn Stapleton, Ulster University

14.00  Keynote address: "Give me strength!" Richard Stephens, Keele University

15.15  Coffee break

15.30  Workshop: Swearing on Twitter  Steven Coats, University of Oulu & Michael Gauthier, University Lyon 2

18.00  Symposium dinner at Geronimo's FGT (Fucking Good Times): http://www.geronimosfgt.se/

FRIDAY, 24 MAY 2019

09.00  Coffee

09.30  Does swearing slow us down or speed us up? A comparison of descriptive and expressive adjectives in sentence processing  Stanley Donahoo, University of Arizona

10.00  "I've got a fucktonne of words!" -  The social meaning of swearing creativity  Matthew Hunt, Queen Mary University of London

10.30  Making sense of the social meanings of damnhitto and perkele in Finnish Elizabeth Peterson, University of Helsinki & Johanna Vaattovaara, Tampere University

11.00  Coffee break

11.15  Project presentation: An international investigation of the worldwide use and meaning of the f-word Ruth Vatvedt Fjeld, University of Oslo & Elsa Kristiansen, University of South-Eastern Norway  

11.45  Kalenderjävulen, Lilian Bäckman

12.15  Lunch

13.15  Swear words are bad – Another case of déjà poo Jelena Ilic Plauc, University of Tuzla

13.45  "I swear by God, I have to poop" - blasphemic effects within an 'I promise discourse'  Karin Senter, Uppsala University

14.15  Closing remarks

14.30  Network meeting

15.15  End of symposium 

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